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Gore: A Political Life 
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Bob Zelnick / Hardcover
380 pages / 1999

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Before one word was printed, the first authoritative biography of Vice President Al Gore has created a firestorm of controversy. In fact, author Bob Zelnick lost his job as a political reporter for ABC News for writing the book. Apparently the top brass at ABC didn't want one of his own sniping at the Vice President. This insightful and probing biography is the first to fully evaluate Al Gore's evolving political career.

The Earth in the Balance: Ecology & the Human Spirit 
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Al Gore / Paperback
432 pages / 1993

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From the man who would be president, vice president Al Gore. Find out where this candidate is coming from and what his vision of your future is should he be elected president of the United States..

Global warming. The deteriorating ozone layer. The rapid destruction of the world's rain forests. Rising carbon dioxide levels. This bestselling work on our planet's environmental crisis gives a shocking account of just how serious all of these problems have become in the mind of Al Gore. New foreword by the author. Illustrations and photos. (Environmental Issues)

The Control Room: How Television Calls the Shots in Presidential Elections 
List Price:  $24.95
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Martin Plissner / Hardcover
240 pages / 1999

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The former political director of CBS News offers a gritty look at how the networks--in their endless pursuit of ratings--have come to dominate every aspect of presidential selection from the primaries to the inauguration. Index.

A Charge to Keep 

List Price:  $23.00
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George W. Bush / Hardcover
256 pages / 1999

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In this political autobiography, George W. Bush writes of the benefits of growing up as a son of George and Barbara Bush, as well as of his record as governor of Texas. He relates how going to college in the '60s was a formative experience and he lays out his positions on issues important to voters, including health care. (Bush acknowledges the role of his communications director Karen P. Hughes in the writing of this book.)

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